I am a businessman from Buffalo, NY. I have a great passion for the Western New York area and like to see it growing. Feel free to take a look around my Vcard.

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I am my family. They always come first. I have two beautiful kids and a loving wife. I am from Buffalo, New York and I grew up in the West Side of this Queen City. After I graduated from Canisius College I knew I was set to be the self-made entrepreneur and businessman that I am now. I worked hard and I work harder each day. I care about my employees as much as I care about my businesses. I am a sports person, an adventurous spirit, an outdoors goer, a books reader and a fun-loving individual. Frank Sinatra is my favorite singer, The Beatles is my favorite band, The Buffalo Bills are my favorite NFL team and Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite book. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.


  • Business Development

  • Risk Management

  • Financial Analysis

  • Leadership


  • Chief Executive Officer2011 - Present

    Chebat Industries

    Envision, develop, define and execute strategic plans as well as managing the overall operations for a number of businesses under the Chebat Industries umbrella, including Account Discovery Systems, Chebat Financial Group, Chebat Management Group, Payment Management Services USA, Chebat Assets Management, and Chebat Orchards and Vineyards. I lead my teams to adhere to all standards in each industry and strive for compliance with their respective regulations. Stemming from my belief that employees are any company's most important asset, I take the responsibility of building a culture within my businesses that would drive up performance and retain the best employees.

  • President and CEO2005 - 2011

    Western New York Capital, Inc.

    Led operations and strategic direction with full responsibility for bottom-line factors, including long-term planning and investor and shareholder relations. Provide cross-functional management for COO, CFO, CMO, GM and Director of HR, with general oversight of 150 employees. Redefined organizational structure, oversaw major pricing decisions and performed monthly financial evaluation of company results. Responsible for analyzing business intelligence and developing goals and budgets. Insuring compliance with company policy and client procedures and oversight of staffing requirements to achieve profits.

  • Operations Director2002-2005

    Capital Management, Inc.

    Led department to consistent high volume of collections while responsible for training and development of all collectors. Strategic thought leadership and execution for new training methods led to an increase of 10% in earnings.


  • Business Administration1993 - 1997

    Canisius College
Quotes that influence me greatly
As we all travel through this journey we call life, we find ourselves developing who we are and who we want to be. Some of us never realize our full potential, and some of us die trying. Some of us look for heroes or idols we can emulate. I consider myself one of those people. I love life. I love my life. I am in complete awe of the world around me. Throughout my journey I’ve been searching for the meaning of life; specifically the meaning of my life. And the quotes below embody the spirit that I carry with me day-to-day. As you read these, you may notice the dichotomy of the characters I chose. The peaceful pacifists and the great warriors. And although I do not have him here on this page, Teddy Roosevelt’s “speak softly and carry a big stick” quote comes to mind. However, although this quote seems to wrap it all up into one convenient proclamation, it does not personify who I am. I feel that Teddy was heavily implying a pursuit of political power that resembles Machiavellian ideals. This is not who I am. I am non-confrontational in nature, but will fight to the death on issues and ideals that I consider dear to me. I am an anti-authoritarian who goes through life with the curiosity of a child and the heart of a poet. Peace & Love.
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